A private tour at Palazzo Grassi: Luc Tuymans - La Pelle This is the first personal exhibition in Italy by Luc Tuymans. Read more arrow_forward Customized tour of Burano Island: a Little Jewel in the Venetian Lagoon Hi there! Today the three of us have decided to rest a little: we are going to Burano! The name of this island is frequently associated with the history and the legends of laces and the incredibly skillful lace makers... But this is not our concern today in the Northern Lagoon. We will sure write about it, possibly in the nearest future. Today we have planned to relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere present in this island. Read more arrow_forward Specific guided tour in Venice: Titian's mountains in his paintings If you like both Titian's paintings and mountains, read our post and ask us for a tour. Read more arrow_forward Curious Sculptures in Venice Walking around Venice, you can see quite frequently statues, high-reliefs and bas-reliefs, marble or Istria stone decorations on the façades of houses, palazzosand churches. Both in the hidden corners of Venice and in the most popular areas, we are literally surrounded by sculptures that remain frequently unnoticed by visitors. Sometimes tourists do take pictures of them, although not knowing their meaning and their history. With this post we would like to introduce some sculptures that are well known by the Venetians in general and by tour guides in particular.

Let us start from an area that is not normally included in the typical tours: Campo Dei Mori, in the Cannaregio district.
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The Carnival in Venice On a guided tour of Venice during the Carnival, among all the spectacular multicolored costumes we might be able to spot some exceptional ones. Read more arrow_forward Private tour in Venice: merchants, goods and precious cloth Venice, a city of merchants... Spices, vases, luxury items, precious cloths...

The merchant used to sell his goods in the portego, the largest room in his palazzo, a room full of light, the most suitable for displaying luxury merchandise of high quality. Among the goods that distinguished Venice in the European market a relevant place was occupied by cloth of different sorts, imported from the East or from the North and also woven in town by skilful artisans.
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