Venezia: the Historical Regatta, 2019
The Redeemer’s Feast in Venice in 2019
Venice: Art Nouveau Week
The Tramontin Boat Yard and the New Gondola
Art Night in Venice:June 22nd, 2019
The Accademia Galleries in Venice: Carpaccio’s canvases on St. Ursula’s story are now visible again
The Feast in Venice on Ascension Day
Banksy in Venice
Venice: the T Fondaco and “The Rule of Dream”
Leonardo Da Vinci in Venice
Domus Grimani 1594 – 2019
Canaletto’s Exhibit in Venice
The Palazzo Cini Gallery. Adrian Ghenie: The Battle between Carnival and Feast
Maurice Marinot. The Glass, 1911-1934
ALBERTO BURRI A Radical Legacy
Extension of the exhibition by IAN CHENG "EMISSARY FORKS AT PERFECTION"
M9: The Museum of the Italian History during the 20th century and a Multimedia centre
From Kandinsky to Botero, tutti in un filo
Classical Tours
St. Mark’s Square: the Venetian heartbeat
Rialto: the economical heart of Venice.
First time in Venice
Murano, Burano and Torcello islands
The Correr Museum and St. Mark’s Library (Biblioteca Marciana)
The Treasures of Venice along the Grand Canal
The Frari Church and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco
The Accademia Galleries
Ca’ Rezzonico: the magnificent palazzo of a noble family in 18th Century Venice
Getting lost in Venice?
St. Mark’s Basilica by Night
The Secret Itineraries of the Doge's Palace
Unusual Tours
Venice for kids… What a surprise!
Walking at the discovery of Castello
Andrea Palladio in Venice
The Dorsoduro District unveiled
Modern and Contemporary Art in Venice
Palladian villas in the Venetian Mainland
Foreign Communities in Venice
The Shipyard of the Venetian Republic and the Historical Naval Museum
Fondazione Querini Stampalia and Palazzo Grimani
The Santa Croce District
A walk through the Cannaregio District
From Gothic to Renaissance...
Specific tours
Venice for Kids: our Treasure Hunts
Photographic Tours in Venice
Arts and Crafts in Venice
Venetian Goodies
Casanova’s World
Music in Venice
D'Annunzio, Djagilev and Cocò Chanel in Venice
Venice and the Plague
The evolution of three great Venetian painters: Carpaccio, Veronese and Tiepolo
Venice and the Grand Tour
The Best of Venice
A customized kids tour in Venice: a Prince, a Princess and a Pope: Saint Ursula’s story at the Accademia Galleries in Venice
Contemporary Art in Venice: Building Bridges by Lorenzo Quinn
Contemporary Art in Venice: the 2019 Biennale
Customized tour of Burano Island: a Little Jewel in the Venetian Lagoon
A private tour at Palazzo Grassi: Luc Tuymans - La Pelle
Curious Sculptures in Venice
A tailored guided tour in Venice: the Lions’ Mouths
Specific guided tour in Venice: Titian's mountains in his paintings
The Carnival in Venice
Private tour in Venice: merchants, goods and precious cloth
A customized tour of artisan Venice: Luca and Michele’s typogaphy
Customized tours of Venice: The Germans' warehouse between the past and the future.
From Venice to the United States of America: Thomas Jefferson’s admiration for Andrea Palladio
Coco Chanel in Venice
The Far East in Venice
Private tour in Venice: the empress Sissi among lilies of the valley and cornflowers
Venice between sacred and profane: The feast of Madonna della Salute (the Holy Mary of Good Health)
Between art and wine in the Venetian Mainland: small groups guided tour of Villa Barbaro at Maser.
Frittelle: Carnival in Venice in Sweet Company
Carnival in Venice and its recipes: enjoy your meal!!!
February 14: Happy Valentine's day!
The Carnival in Venice
Private guided tour of Villa Pisani at Stra
Venice and its legends: Saints, Dragons and Princesses
Alternative private tour in Venice: St. Mark's Miracles in Venetian Art
Small groups private tour in Venice: Burano Lace making.
Living in Venice: a cup of coffee with Signora Paola
Lorenzo Quinn's Hands in Venice: a perfect combination between tradition and modernity
Lorenzo Quinn in Venice: his exhibition in the halls of Ca' Sagredo
The Redeemer’s Feast in Venice: a nice evening for Guided Tours in Venice at Marialaura’s house.
Contemporary Art: Russian Artists at Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel in Venice
Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel: a pearl in the heart of Venice
Venezia 74: the Venice Movie Festiva
Hide and seek with Damien Hirst in Venice
More hide and seek with Damien Hirst in Venice
Biennale in Venice: Oddnesses along the Grand Canal
Fall in Venice: floods are back!
Private guided tour of Venice: Martina’s ceramics
The Church of the Holy Mary of Health (Madonna della Salute) in Venice: St. Mark, the plague and Titian.
Santa’s Elf in Venice
Merry Christmas from Venice with Jacopo Tintoretto
Venice arts and crafts: Paperoowl and Stefania’s magic made out of paper
On the footsteps of Marco Polo in China
Rossana Molinatti: how to bring Art to St. Mark’s Square during the Venetian Carnival.
Rossana Molinatti at the 2018 edition of Carnival in Venice presents Guernica
Have you ever seen Venice from above???
Venice tour for kids: the Museum of Natural History