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Liberty Architecture and decoration on the Lido Island in Venice Art Nouveau at Lido island Venice Read more arrow_forward Photographic Tours in Venice If you like taking pictures, book a  walking tour in Venice with us to enjoy both photography and culture. Read more arrow_forward Arts and Crafts in Venice Venice is still nowadays quite rich with artisan workshops, where arts and crafts, recipes, secrets, knowledge are handed down from past centuries to skilled artisans. Read more arrow_forward Venetian Goodies Do you want to taste the typical Venetian appetizers, wines, cocktails, biscuits, cookies? Let's go together to discover all the Venetian flavors. It is not only a Bacaro tour... Read more arrow_forward Casanova’s World Just by naming Giacomo Casanova, we enter the rakish world of 18th century Venice. It was a period when the Most Serene Republic already felt the political and economic decay. Read more arrow_forward Music in Venice Discovering the music in Venice going to admire the decorated music halls, intimate and cozy places, and the Opera House of Venice. Read more arrow_forward D'Annunzio, Djagilev and Cocò Chanel in Venice At the beginning of the 20th century, several famous people came to Venice and fell in love with the city, with its art and its atmosphere… Read more arrow_forward Venice and the Plague Plague and epidemics in general, used to be a real threat for the Venetian population. Read more arrow_forward The evolution of three great Venetian painters: Carpaccio, Veronese and Tiepolo

If you would like to deepen your knowledge of some great Venetian painters, we suggest some tours that will allow you to follow the carrier of excellent masters, such as Carpaccio, Veronese and Tiepolo.

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Venice and the Grand Tour Italy has been for centuries the destination for visitors interested in art, culture, natural landscapes… Read more arrow_forward